Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Easter 2009
For this Easter Sunday, I decided to buy Perry a tie. He has never worn a tie, nor ever asked about wearing a tie, but it just sounded like a great idea when I read about these ties on another blog that I read... and I wasn't disappointed. It was a nicely made tie, and I must say that he looked very handsome Sunday morning.

We celebrated a beautiful Easter Sunday at our house after church with our family.

It was a bit cold and wet outside so the Easter Egg Hunt was moved to the basement, but all the eggs were hidden and the kids had a fun time finding them.

This was Ainsley's first real venture into finding eggs and she did really well.

Even the 10 year old was having fun looking for the eggs!

Here's to another wonderful Easter ~

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Perry as Walter Cronkite

Famous MIssourian Walter Cronkite

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008
I Love Autumn!
Just a few pictures to bring a smile to my mother's face...

One of the best things about fall is football season. Not only do we attend all home Chiefs games, but Perry and Phil have now become avid Mizzou fans. Through friends of Phil's, we have received tickets to two games so far this year, and also have been given tickets to another home game in November. They are thrilled! I join in because it's not a bad way to spend a Saturday... tailgating with friends, hanging out with my boys and enjoying a beautiful day at the stadium.

And look who came to see me while her parents were at a Chiefs football game this past Sunday...

Miss Ainsley Lynn is now 18 months old and is growing up so fast.

Autumn... it's the most wonderful time of the year!


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Thursday, June 05, 2008
Thursday Thirteen: Summer Has Begun
1. On the last day of school, I walked Perry in to his class so that I could give a fond farewell to his favorite teacher of all time, and as soon as I saw her, tears began to well in my eyes. I had to bite my lip so as to not literally cry out loud. She has been a wonderful teacher, and I know that she loved and adored her kiddoes this year (evidenced by the fact that she too literally bawled when the kids surprised her on her birthday two weeks ago). This was definitely answered prayer.

2. Perry told me his entire classroom cried the last hour before school was out, and they all sadly hugged their teacher goodbye for the summer. It was a traumatic last day of school for him.

3. Perry brought home a report card that had the best comment ever given by a teacher... "I will miss Perry - he really brightens up our classroom. I wish I could keep him forever."

4. I got to see S*x and the City with two of my girlfriends on Friday afternoon - it was fabulous!

5. We are in the throes of baseball tournaments and one that was scheduled for this weekend was going to put a damper on many family functions. But after a rainout that came on Saturday afternoon, we were able to attend the function that we were most looking forward to for many months - Connor and Logan's dance recital. And we can't forget that my cousin Jason (their dad) was also in the recital during the daddy-daughter dance to Grease. All of our family attended and we all had a wonderful time watching them dance and then met up together after the recital at an ol' college haunt of mine - Perkins.

6. My cousin Erin ran off to Las Vegas with her boyfriend and got hitched... literally. We were also able to hang out with Erin and Frank this weekend on Sunday afternoon celebrating their new life together. Phil said to me late Saturday night after seeing them... "they sure do seem really happy." Congratulations Erin and Frank!

7. On Perry's first day of summer camp, we walked in to the Comets room together to place his lunch in his cubby. As he was looking at all the names on the cubbies, he noticed a very familiar one... one of a little girl in his 3rd grade class that he has a crush on. His eyes lit up and the smile ran from ear to ear. He didn't have any problem transitioning to summer camp.

8. Perry got to go fishing on Monday afternoon with his granddad... and build a model airplane. Good times...

9. Yesterday, on his first day off from summer camp, we I decided that it was time to trash clean out his room. Three garbage bags and an amazingly organized and clean room later, we were off to the neighborhood pool.

10. The neighborhood pool was filled with lots of friends from school - fun times have begun!

11. I'm getting my hair highlighted and cut tomorrow for the summer.

12. Perry too is getting his summer cut.

13. I'm reading a great book - Twenty Wishes. I may have to start my own list.

Here's to a great beginning to a hopefully long summer!


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Thursday, May 22, 2008
Congrats David Cook, Happy Birthday Dad and a Creepy Meme!

First of all - Our hometown boy from Blue Springs Missouri is an American Idol!! Congratulations David Cook - you truly deserve it!

Second - Happy Birthday Dad! Have a wonderful day!

Third - my friend Katrina at Callapidder Days posted a creepy little meme on her blog, so I thought I would follow along because I too tend to have issues to get creeped out by a lot of things.

I get the heebie jeebies by these five little things...
Now that you know my issues creepies, tell me... what are some of yours?


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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Wordless Wednesday #1
- Closer -

For more Wordless Wednesday, visit 5 Minutes for Mom.


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Friday, May 16, 2008
Guess Who We're Voting For?!!

We are a family pulling (and dialing our fingers off) for our hometown boy American Idol contestant David Cook.

He visited our town last Friday and we were able to see him throw out the first pitch at the Royals game. He used to work at the Royals stadium back in high school. What a homecoming!

Check out one of his biggest fans!

We had a great time!


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Monday, April 14, 2008
Happy Birthday Ainsley Lynn!
Today - April 14th - my adorable niece Ainsley Lynn turns one year old.
I remember her being born - on a snowy Saturday afternoon - and it really seems like it was just a couple months ago.

But she's a one year old now.

And she is just the smartest and sweetest little girl.

Her parents - my little brother and sister-in-law - have been incredible parents. I used to say before Ainsley was born that this baby was going to "rock their world."

Ainsley has rocked their world - and they wouldn't have it any other way. She has rocked their world in the best way possible.

Speaking of "rocking your world" - this rocker son of mine will always rock our world...

You can always count on Aunt Cindy and Uncle Brad to provide video game entertainment at their birthday socials!

The birthday party was a great time - bbq burgers, cake and ice cream, and lots of presents for Ainsley to open. She will be kept very busy for the next few months with all the fun toys she received.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!


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Thursday, April 10, 2008
What's Going On?
Perry's cousins from Atlanta have come into town for a visit -

We've had a great week together and I will post stories soon that include...

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Sunday, April 06, 2008
Lessons Learned on a Baseball Field
Who knew that my post on Thursday would bring comments from many readers - some I didn't even know that read my blog. As well as the comments left on my blog, I also received private emails from friends and family - all of them which have served its purpose - to support and encourage me in this journey of being a mom.

Oh how sweet it is!

First lesson learned in this drama I call "parenting"? Let your son fight his own battles. This is not the last time that Perry will have an argument with Blake, or any other kid for that matter. They are boys - and this is where they exert their "male-ness."

Second lesson - Perry and Blake got over it - by the next day - and are back to being good friends. Kids are resilient and get over things so much faster than their parents mom.

Third lesson - Apologize for your mistakes. I slowly walked to Christina's house next door on Friday morning and admitted that I yelled at Blake and was very sorry for my actions. She knew about it. She understood. She said that she lives with boys arguing on a daily basis and if she were to referee and yell at her boys every single time they were in a fight, she would get nothing done, and she would have no voice. Thank you God for good friends who will accept your apology and won't hold it against you.

Fourth lesson - Just because the calendar says it's April, baseball season has begun, and the sun is shining outside, it is still cold here in the midwest and you must dress like you are watching a football game. We froze watching Perry play baseball yesterday... and will do so again today. But I won't forget my stadium blanket today!

Fifth lesson - leave the game at the field.

Thanks again to so many friends and family who are honest and encouraging to me. I really appreciate all of your responses. They were really helpful and I will be going back to all of them when this happens again.

I think I will bind them up in a mini-notebook so that I can look at them all the time!

Next time I get myself into a pickle, I'll know where to turn.

Proverbs 21: 23 He who guards his mouth and his tongue, keeps himself from calamity.


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Monday, March 31, 2008
Coffee... All The Time... Any Shape or Form
New! GIANT Latte Bar PONTS® value 1
Enjoy the decadent taste of this smooth, creamy coffee ice cream bar every time you eat one. Enjoy it even more knowing that the GIANT Latté Bar has only 90 calories, 1 gram of fat and 4 grams of fiber.

Look what I found this weekend at the grocery store!

They are oh, so delicious.

And only one point. I'm not really counting right now - but I really should be. No feeling guilty eating one of these.

And these could bring me motivation to get back on the counting.

All I need is a personal trainer, chef, motivator, instigator, mentor, encourager... I wonder how much a person like that would cost me?

Not to mention a warm spring day to start the motivation.


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Thursday, March 27, 2008
Thoughts from Spring Break...
We left home two weeks ago today.

We arrived back home one week ago from today.

It feels like we've been home a month... that's how "back in the swing" we are here in our routine.

I'm ready to go back to the 80 degrees. It was beautiful our entire time in Orlando.

It's only 53 degrees here today... and cloudy... very gloomy.

We're definitely not in Florida anymore.

Our journey began as a threesome and two days later we added five more to the mix. My brother Craig, sister-in-law Diana and their three kids Tori, Chandler and Olivia joined us for our spring break.

Phil and Perry started their first full day of vacation playing the "greatest game of all." Perry came home that afternoon with a grimace on his face. He had a tough nine hole game after beginning his round with a 200 yard drive that apparently was a sight to behold by other gentlemen watching him tee off. For a good two holes, he was feeling rather good.

But suddenly his game turned and he was upset.

He is just like his dad.

By the third day, family had arrived - and we were ready! Hanging out with just mom and dad can get a little old. Time for some real action to begin...

We swam in the pools
We rode swans
We went to Downtown Disney
We ate birthday cake
We played cards
We watched movies
We went to Kennedy Space Center
We talked to a real astronaut
We watched American Idol and voted for our hometown boy David Cook
We ate dinner at some very cool places
We went to the Lego store
We tried on unique Crocs and was tempted to buy a pair
We factory outlet shopped
We just hung out...

It was a divine vacation.

Especially seen through the eyes of my favorite kids...


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Sunday, March 23, 2008
Happy Easter!

How much do I love Easter? Pretty dresses, Easter church service, country club brunch, baskets filled with surprises, and being with family.

How much do I love these two cutie patooties?

We've had a wonderful week on vacation with my brother, sister-in-law, nephew and two nieces.

And we ended our Spring break week with Easter... what can be better than that?

I'll post more this week with pictures from vacation.


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Monday, February 25, 2008
I Have a Confession... and a Revelation
I will get to my confession here in a bit, but I first wanted to talk about a revelation that Perry confided to me this weekend.

This past Friday, Perry had another day off of school... a snow day for some unexpected reason. They were given a snow day on Thursday because there was sleet and ice. Friday, not so much.

But anyway, we passed some of our time in the afternoon by walking through the mall. We really didn't need to do any shopping; just needed to get out of the house. And it doesn't hurt that there is a brand new Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory there either. The aroma coming from this small place starts at least 4 stores down. We decided on chocolate-dipped graham crackers, and while we were busy munching, we spy the Easter Bunny contraption throne set up just below us.

"Mom, I don't believe in the Easter Bunny. It's really just someone wearing a costume."

"Yes - you're right. We have not believed in the Easter Bunny for a long time."

And then my mind starts racing. But wait... since we are on the subject, let's talk about Santa Claus.

"Perry - what do you think about Santa Claus?"

"Well mom, when I overheard Dad tell Brian that he bought me and then he said Santa brought me my sports workout ladder, I then went upstairs later to my bedroom to think about it."

"You did? What did you think about?"

"I decided then in my bedroom that there really wasn't a Santa Claus and that you guys bought me all my presents."

"So how come you didn't discuss this with us?" Feeling horribly bad that my son was thinking about this in his bedroom all by himself.

"Well, it was something that I had heard my friends talk about before, so it just finally made sense."

Cut that knife right through my heart.

My son who has believed in the magic of Santa Claus for nine years is growing up.

Don't even get me started talking about our long-time friends who came over Saturday evening with their three adorable girls, and just 15 minutes prior to their arriving he runs up the stairs yelling "I forgot to put on deodorant!"

Oh my - he's not my little baby anymore.

Now for my confession... which is something that I could not even believe myself as I was watching Harrison Ford being interviewed last night before the Oscars...

I have never seen an Indiana Jones movie.

Not one.

I know. Raiders of the Lost Ark. I have not seen it.

Sounds like a family night at the movies this weekend starting with the first one is in order.

A confession and a revelation all in one weekend.

The excitement never ends in the comfort zone.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008
Where has the Week Gone?
This time last week we were getting ready to sit down to our Valentine dinner... a dinner that was shared with all of my family.

Phil was heading home from San Francisco, my parents worked their "enjoying our retirement" job late, and I had to work then race to make it to Perry's valentine party at school. It was a terribly busy day for all of our family, and all I could think was... this family could use some good ol' fashioned comfort food. I made my dad's easy meatloaf, along with macaroni and cheese, corn and buttered rolls. I placed Perry in charge of setting the table, and he amazed me with his creativity.

At least there's a positive to taking him out to dinner frequently!

If you look closely, he even made place cards for each of us. We're fancy like that...

Perry picked these flowers out for his teacher.

We went out to dinner with some friends on Saturday night and left all the kids together at home with babysitters. They played Wii, watched a movie, and the adults got to enjoy an evening out alone, not having to referee arguments or witness toddler meltdowns. What a delightful Saturday evening.

Just like the other 25 million people, we too are watching American Idol.

Our favorites are the the Missourians - Asia'h Epperson from Joplin, and David Cook from our hometown here in Blue Springs.
Go Missouri !!

My brother went on his second trip to India to visit his best friend Amit. We have been able to follow his journey here.

That's just a glimpse of our life here this past week.

See you again here soon!


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Monday, February 11, 2008
Getting to Know You... or Keep Your Head Down in the Elevator
This morning, as I was standing on the elevator that was going down (to get me a hot cup of coffee in the deli), it stopped, opened up, and an older gentleman walked on, took a look at me, grimaced, and then stood in the corner.

Now that was a self-esteem booster if ever I needed one.

And I looked down at myself to see what was the matter - and I see nothin'. Just wearing the regular brown turtleneck with the denim jeans and heels today.

I searched all over for the stain, looked at my hair in the mirror - just the same-o, same-o.

What was that look all about?

Oh well, I got this in my in-box today and because I'm so terribly busy ineffective at work this morning, I decided to take part.

Play along with me if you'd like.... and let me know you did in the comments!

1. What time is it?

2. What's your full name?
Lori Jane

3. What are you most afraid of?
Someone throwing up on an airplane right next to me… or someone throwing up at all right next to me.

4. What was the last movie that you saw in a theater?

5. Place of birth:
Kansas City, MO

6. Favorite food

7. What's your natural hair color?
Don’t know really – saw it nine years ago while I was pregnant and it was getting pretty dark.

8. Ever been to Alaska??

9. Ever been toilet paper rolling?
Oh my yes – many times in high school.

10. Love someone so much it made you cry?
Oh my yes.

11. Been in a car accident?
Yes – more than once.

12. Croutons or bacon bits:

13. Favorite day of the week:

14. Favorite restaurant:

40 Sardines

15. Favorite Flower:

16. Favorite sport to watch:
Pro Football

17. Favorite drink:
Diet Coke

18. Favorite ice cream
Brownie fudge

19. Disney or Warner Brothers:

20. Ever been on a ship?
Yes – one cruise

21. What color is your bedroom carpet?

22. How many times did you fail your driver's test?

23. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail

24. What do you do when you are bored?
Make chocolate chip cookies; surf the internet

25. Bedtime:
I get in bed at 10pm with a book – fall asleep around 11pm.

28. Who is the person that you are most curious to see their responses?

29. Favorite TV show:
Friday Night Lights

30. Last person you went to dinner with:
Phil and Perry

31. Who do you think will be President?
Who I want and who I think are two different answers.

Who I think will be President… B. Obama.

Who I want to be President… I have no idea…

32. What are your favorite colors?
Any colors of the fall

33. How many tattoos do you have?

34. How many pets do you have?

35. Which came first, the chicken or the egg

36. What do you want to do before you die?
Travel to Italy.

37. Have you ever been to Hawaii

38. Have you been to countries outside the U.S.?
Just the Bahamas… before you had to have a passport to get there.

Hope your Monday morning is looking better... and may you not run into anyone today that makes a sorry-looking face at you.


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Monday, February 04, 2008
Weekend Funny
So this past Saturday night, we had just finished dining on our gourmet meal take-out mexican when we received a phone call from a nice older couple informing us that they were on their way over to our house with another nice younger couple accompanying them.

"Great. I'll put a pot of coffee on and we'll see you in a few minutes."

As I ran upstairs to take my pajamas off brush my teeth, I yelled at Perry to turn off his movie.

"We've got company coming!"

We invited them in, extremely happy for someone to socialize with on a dull Saturday evening. We played and patty-caked with the darling little girl that belongs to the younger couple. Perry invited the older gentleman down to bowl with him on the Wii. The first-time bowler even won the first game. They played several games. We served coffee, played with the little girl some more, and just all around enjoyed the evening.

Soon they were out the door as it was getting past the little girl's bedtime. We hugged them goodbye, talked of seeing them again soon, and then safely closed our front door and locked in for the evening.

As I was turning around to head back to the kitchen, I heard Perry exclaim
"nice people" as he was heading up the stairs.

I laughed until I fell on the floor.

These lovely older people and the darling little girl belonging to the younger people were my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, and my niece Ainsley.

We see them all the time.

I had been wondering when Perry was finally going to give them his
stamp of approval.

You would have thought he was 80 years old wrapping up his thoughts on another day down.

But you're right on Perry - they are
nice people.

Ainsley says thank you!


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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Livin' Good!
I saw two movies this past weekend. One on Saturday. Another one on Sunday.

My good friend Rachael asked me this morning how I got so lucky getting to go see two movies in one weekend.

"Must be livin' good, I guess."

Or the fact that I have two boys dwelling in my home constantly busy with getting haircuts, making runs to Dick's sporting goods, going to basketball hall of fames... you name it - they were there this weekend. And they didn't need me to hang out with them on their manly man adventures.

So I tend to have time on my hands lately...

On Saturday morning, Karen and I hit the early morning movie because it is only $5 and we are cheap frugal like that. Five bucks for any movie before noon. Can't beat that on a Saturday morning... even though it did seem a little off ordering a diet coke and popcorn while the rest of the community was most likely still in bed.

We saw 27 Dresses - and it was predictable, cute and very funny. Loved the movie. From the screenwriter of "The Devil Wears Prada" (also one of my very favorite movies), this movie does not disappoint. Katherine Heigl's hair color was adorable and I spent most of the movie trying to envision my hair the same color as hers. I'm not sure I could pull it off. But it sure was fun thinking about it.

On Sunday afternoon, my best friend Laurie whom I've known since high school, called and asked me if I wanted to catch a movie. "Umm, yeah... how about Juno?"

Loved the movie - loved the writing - loved the actress (Ellen Page) who starred in the movie - loved the message.

I had seen and read a few things about the writer of this movie - a young (all of 29), rebellious gal, former stripper, in a dead-end job at an ad agency (oh yeah) writes a screenplay that is now an Academy award nominee. Now I'd like to buy her book - and I think it would be a fun read.

Mainly since there really isn't a darn thing on television right now that is even remotely worth watching... don't get me started.

Loved the weekend - looking forward to the next.

If we could just have weekends every day!


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Thursday, January 24, 2008
Get Well Austin
Today I went to visit my good friend and next door neighbor Christina's youngest boy - Austin - at the hospital on my lunch break.

Austin was taken to the ER early Wednesday morning with terrible congestion, a horrible cough and just all around having a hard time breathing. Trying to get his oxygen level up to a "normal" level is tougher on him. You see, Austin has CDG. I've written about him here. When Austin was around 6 months old, he was taken to our local children's hospital and diagnosed with CDG - Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation. It is a very rare disorder (maybe only 200 cases ever) and most children with this disorder are not even diagnosed properly. Austin has been doing amazing for all he has to go through, and this has literally been his first hospitalization since his diagnosis - and he is now almost 3 years old. Austin's two older brothers are Perry's closest friends and we treat them all as family.

One of my life changes for this year was to listen to God's voice (sometimes also just my gut feeling), to engage in small changes in my life, and to also remember that this life is not about me.

Going to see Christina and Austin today, bringing her lunch from her favorite deli that is just around the corner from my work, and giving her a hug of encouragement and friendship brightened my day. It isn't all about me - and I like it that way.


Overheard at dinner last night ~

Me - "Do you have to be out of town the second week of February?"

Phil - "I'm out of town here and here, and back in town for Friday and I'm mystery reader that day in Perry's class."

Me - "Umm - hello - you don't have to mention this out loud - hence the word 'mystery'."

Phil - "Oh yeah - Um Perry - don't tell anybody in your class."


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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Four Things Fun (a.k.a. Back to the Blog!)
I haven't posted a dad-gum thing on here since over a month ago so I decided it was time to get back on the bloggin' train and post something, anything... and here is what I found...

...and I wasn't even tagged... it was just something I read on another blog (and I can't even remember which one) and decided that it would start me off. Here we go...

4 Jobs I've Had:

1. Morrow's Nut House - it's actual name. It's really a shop that sold candy and nuts, but I always got a kick out of telling people I worked at the "nut house"
2. Ice Cream scooper during a summer at Ridgecrest, North Carolina
3. Secretary for a sales manager at a savings & loan (yes - the two words "secretary" and "savings & loan" are aging me)
4. Focus Group Services Manager

4 Movies Watched Over and Over:

1. When Harry Met Sally
2. You've Got Mail
3. Beautiful Girls
4. The Devil Wears Prada

4 Places I've Lived:

1. Kansas City, MO
2. Independence, MO
3. Blue Springs, MO
4. Lee's Summit, MO
(The last 3 are all suburbs of Kansas City - I've never moved from Kansas City my entire life.)

4 TV Shows I Watch:

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Friday Night Lights
3. October Road
4. American Idol

4 Places I've Been:

1. New York City
2. Honolulu, HI
3. Sanibel Island, FL
4. San Diego, CA

4 People who e-mail Me Regularly:

1. my mom (as well as calling me quite regularly :)
2. Amy
3. Janna
4. Diana

4 Favorite Things to Eat:

1. Mexican
2. Sushi sampler at Kona Grill
3. Ham Noodle Cheese Casserole at Andre's
4. Chocolate chip-butterscotch tollhouse cookies made by me

4 Places I'd Rather Be:

1. Charleston, SC
2. a resort and spa anywhere
3. memory preserving at my favorite scrapbook store
4. out on a date with my hubby at one of our favorite restaurants

4 Things I Look Forward to This Year:

1. Vacation over spring break to Orlando, FL
2. Organizing and remodeling Perry's bedroom
3. Reading more books - especially the good ones
4. Finding a connection in our new home church - areas where I can serve

4 People to Tag: (If you have already done this - do it again - just for me, purty please!)

1. Katrina
2. Jennifer
3. Beth
4. Rachael - an easy blog for a new momma!

I'm really going to try and be more consistent with my blogging. I have so much to talk about, but not enough time to write about it... I must find the time...

So don't give up on me!

I'll be back...


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