Wednesday, October 11, 2006
My Baby Brother is Having a Baby!!
Well, actually my baby brother's wife is having a baby!!

And he has a blog about it...

And they kept it from the entire family for over 6 weeks! I can't believe that intuitive me, one who wants and seems to know everything, didn't even catch on. I'm usually all over these things.

For example, my co-worker Janna and I traveled to San Diego for business in August. At the Kansas City airport, we go to buy soft drinks and she orders a sprite, while I order my usual diet coke. As soon as she ordered that sprite, I just knew. I knew immediately. She is a diet coke or pepsi drinker just like me, and we were getting ready to be sitting for 3 hours on a flight, travel on a bus to get a rental car company, and then try and and find our hotel all before midnight. Why in the world was she drinking a sprite? And as soon as the opportunity arose, I called her on it. And she couldn't believe I figured it out just from her ordering a sprite.

My brother's wife Cindy tailgates with our family at every Chiefs game. One of our traditions is to pop the champaigne corks while setting up the tent and mix the champagne with cran-apple juice... Lamar's Libations we like to call them. And I seriously remembered that she asked for straight cran-apple juice. Why did that not make an impression on me? Where did my intuition wander off to?

I'm so happy for Brad and Cindy! It's such wonderful news for such wonderful people.

I'm calling dibs right now on babysitting.

WW Update -1.4lbs this week for a total of 39.4 lbs.

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At 9:36 AM, Blogger Katrina said...

Congrats, "Aunt Lori"! How exciting!


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