Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Livin' Good!
I saw two movies this past weekend. One on Saturday. Another one on Sunday.

My good friend Rachael asked me this morning how I got so lucky getting to go see two movies in one weekend.

"Must be livin' good, I guess."

Or the fact that I have two boys dwelling in my home constantly busy with getting haircuts, making runs to Dick's sporting goods, going to basketball hall of fames... you name it - they were there this weekend. And they didn't need me to hang out with them on their manly man adventures.

So I tend to have time on my hands lately...

On Saturday morning, Karen and I hit the early morning movie because it is only $5 and we are cheap frugal like that. Five bucks for any movie before noon. Can't beat that on a Saturday morning... even though it did seem a little off ordering a diet coke and popcorn while the rest of the community was most likely still in bed.

We saw 27 Dresses - and it was predictable, cute and very funny. Loved the movie. From the screenwriter of "The Devil Wears Prada" (also one of my very favorite movies), this movie does not disappoint. Katherine Heigl's hair color was adorable and I spent most of the movie trying to envision my hair the same color as hers. I'm not sure I could pull it off. But it sure was fun thinking about it.

On Sunday afternoon, my best friend Laurie whom I've known since high school, called and asked me if I wanted to catch a movie. "Umm, yeah... how about Juno?"

Loved the movie - loved the writing - loved the actress (Ellen Page) who starred in the movie - loved the message.

I had seen and read a few things about the writer of this movie - a young (all of 29), rebellious gal, former stripper, in a dead-end job at an ad agency (oh yeah) writes a screenplay that is now an Academy award nominee. Now I'd like to buy her book - and I think it would be a fun read.

Mainly since there really isn't a darn thing on television right now that is even remotely worth watching... don't get me started.

Loved the weekend - looking forward to the next.

If we could just have weekends every day!


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Thursday, January 24, 2008
Get Well Austin
Today I went to visit my good friend and next door neighbor Christina's youngest boy - Austin - at the hospital on my lunch break.

Austin was taken to the ER early Wednesday morning with terrible congestion, a horrible cough and just all around having a hard time breathing. Trying to get his oxygen level up to a "normal" level is tougher on him. You see, Austin has CDG. I've written about him here. When Austin was around 6 months old, he was taken to our local children's hospital and diagnosed with CDG - Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation. It is a very rare disorder (maybe only 200 cases ever) and most children with this disorder are not even diagnosed properly. Austin has been doing amazing for all he has to go through, and this has literally been his first hospitalization since his diagnosis - and he is now almost 3 years old. Austin's two older brothers are Perry's closest friends and we treat them all as family.

One of my life changes for this year was to listen to God's voice (sometimes also just my gut feeling), to engage in small changes in my life, and to also remember that this life is not about me.

Going to see Christina and Austin today, bringing her lunch from her favorite deli that is just around the corner from my work, and giving her a hug of encouragement and friendship brightened my day. It isn't all about me - and I like it that way.


Overheard at dinner last night ~

Me - "Do you have to be out of town the second week of February?"

Phil - "I'm out of town here and here, and back in town for Friday and I'm mystery reader that day in Perry's class."

Me - "Umm - hello - you don't have to mention this out loud - hence the word 'mystery'."

Phil - "Oh yeah - Um Perry - don't tell anybody in your class."


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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Four Things Fun (a.k.a. Back to the Blog!)
I haven't posted a dad-gum thing on here since over a month ago so I decided it was time to get back on the bloggin' train and post something, anything... and here is what I found...

...and I wasn't even tagged... it was just something I read on another blog (and I can't even remember which one) and decided that it would start me off. Here we go...

4 Jobs I've Had:

1. Morrow's Nut House - it's actual name. It's really a shop that sold candy and nuts, but I always got a kick out of telling people I worked at the "nut house"
2. Ice Cream scooper during a summer at Ridgecrest, North Carolina
3. Secretary for a sales manager at a savings & loan (yes - the two words "secretary" and "savings & loan" are aging me)
4. Focus Group Services Manager

4 Movies Watched Over and Over:

1. When Harry Met Sally
2. You've Got Mail
3. Beautiful Girls
4. The Devil Wears Prada

4 Places I've Lived:

1. Kansas City, MO
2. Independence, MO
3. Blue Springs, MO
4. Lee's Summit, MO
(The last 3 are all suburbs of Kansas City - I've never moved from Kansas City my entire life.)

4 TV Shows I Watch:

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Friday Night Lights
3. October Road
4. American Idol

4 Places I've Been:

1. New York City
2. Honolulu, HI
3. Sanibel Island, FL
4. San Diego, CA

4 People who e-mail Me Regularly:

1. my mom (as well as calling me quite regularly :)
2. Amy
3. Janna
4. Diana

4 Favorite Things to Eat:

1. Mexican
2. Sushi sampler at Kona Grill
3. Ham Noodle Cheese Casserole at Andre's
4. Chocolate chip-butterscotch tollhouse cookies made by me

4 Places I'd Rather Be:

1. Charleston, SC
2. a resort and spa anywhere
3. memory preserving at my favorite scrapbook store
4. out on a date with my hubby at one of our favorite restaurants

4 Things I Look Forward to This Year:

1. Vacation over spring break to Orlando, FL
2. Organizing and remodeling Perry's bedroom
3. Reading more books - especially the good ones
4. Finding a connection in our new home church - areas where I can serve

4 People to Tag: (If you have already done this - do it again - just for me, purty please!)

1. Katrina
2. Jennifer
3. Beth
4. Rachael - an easy blog for a new momma!

I'm really going to try and be more consistent with my blogging. I have so much to talk about, but not enough time to write about it... I must find the time...

So don't give up on me!

I'll be back...


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