Thursday, June 05, 2008
Thursday Thirteen: Summer Has Begun
1. On the last day of school, I walked Perry in to his class so that I could give a fond farewell to his favorite teacher of all time, and as soon as I saw her, tears began to well in my eyes. I had to bite my lip so as to not literally cry out loud. She has been a wonderful teacher, and I know that she loved and adored her kiddoes this year (evidenced by the fact that she too literally bawled when the kids surprised her on her birthday two weeks ago). This was definitely answered prayer.

2. Perry told me his entire classroom cried the last hour before school was out, and they all sadly hugged their teacher goodbye for the summer. It was a traumatic last day of school for him.

3. Perry brought home a report card that had the best comment ever given by a teacher... "I will miss Perry - he really brightens up our classroom. I wish I could keep him forever."

4. I got to see S*x and the City with two of my girlfriends on Friday afternoon - it was fabulous!

5. We are in the throes of baseball tournaments and one that was scheduled for this weekend was going to put a damper on many family functions. But after a rainout that came on Saturday afternoon, we were able to attend the function that we were most looking forward to for many months - Connor and Logan's dance recital. And we can't forget that my cousin Jason (their dad) was also in the recital during the daddy-daughter dance to Grease. All of our family attended and we all had a wonderful time watching them dance and then met up together after the recital at an ol' college haunt of mine - Perkins.

6. My cousin Erin ran off to Las Vegas with her boyfriend and got hitched... literally. We were also able to hang out with Erin and Frank this weekend on Sunday afternoon celebrating their new life together. Phil said to me late Saturday night after seeing them... "they sure do seem really happy." Congratulations Erin and Frank!

7. On Perry's first day of summer camp, we walked in to the Comets room together to place his lunch in his cubby. As he was looking at all the names on the cubbies, he noticed a very familiar one... one of a little girl in his 3rd grade class that he has a crush on. His eyes lit up and the smile ran from ear to ear. He didn't have any problem transitioning to summer camp.

8. Perry got to go fishing on Monday afternoon with his granddad... and build a model airplane. Good times...

9. Yesterday, on his first day off from summer camp, we I decided that it was time to trash clean out his room. Three garbage bags and an amazingly organized and clean room later, we were off to the neighborhood pool.

10. The neighborhood pool was filled with lots of friends from school - fun times have begun!

11. I'm getting my hair highlighted and cut tomorrow for the summer.

12. Perry too is getting his summer cut.

13. I'm reading a great book - Twenty Wishes. I may have to start my own list.

Here's to a great beginning to a hopefully long summer!


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At 2:45 PM, Blogger Katrina said...

Sounds like a great beginning to your summer!

I, too, was all teary-eyed when I said good-bye to Camden's wonderful teacher. She's retiring this year and moving to FL, so I'm very sad...we won't even see her around the school.

Cute about Perry's crush too. Camden told me, "Girls are okay, but not in any romantic kind of way." And I'm cool with that. :)

At 7:09 PM, Blogger Susan said...

Wow...what a great story about that teacher. That's when you know it's a "keeper". Pray for next year's teacher too.

Glad you all have had such a great start to your summer.



At 6:35 PM, Blogger Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Oh my gosh, you are truly a saintly aunt if you opt to attend their recital. I can barely drag myself to my own child's performances (although I always enjoy them once I'm there.

At 2:53 PM, Blogger Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Lori- Glad you are having a good summer so far. I almost got teary about the last day of school just reading about it.


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