Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Forget the Apple Pie or Chevrolet, It's Only Baseball Here!

Coach Ike (my son's baseball coach) is all baseball, all the time.

This is what I saw yesterday afternoon as I was looking out my kitchen window.

Yes, that's right... he's measuring out the bases and his wife is spray-painting a baseball diamond.

Right in his own back yard.

We do have a tournament this weekend so I'm guessing we all need to "be ready."

Then this is what happened tonight when I asked Phil to take Perry to get his haircut tonight.

Remember in this post, his hair looked soooo good.

I asked Phil (when Perry wasn't around) what he was thinking? He looks like my brother-in-law right before he reported to duty.

And he replies... "this is a great haircut for baseball season. He won't be all sweaty when he's wearing his catcher's helmet." (Um yeah, his head may not be sweaty, but he still wears a uniform and the catcher's gear.)

He's totally drinking the kool-aid here in the cul-de-sac...

All baseball, all the time.


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At 8:42 AM, Blogger Susan said...

Oh the famous "BUZZ" cut! My DS 2 "had" to get buzzed when he made the varsity soccer team...he looked very similar...but then decided he liked it that way for the summer. He kept it that way for a long are are long-haired hippie-looking kids (except DS 1 who ended up buzzing a bad haircut completely off the other day). I know where you are...just remember it grows back.

:-) Susan

P.S. Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll?

At 8:59 AM, Blogger Katrina said...

Ha! I've been trying to talk Camden into a buzz cut -- both to cut down on the sweaty-head-syndrome and so that we don't have to take him for a haircut as often -- but he refuses. :)

At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Perry looks or no hair.

Your neighbor, on the otherhand, YIKES!! She seriously let her husband talk her into spray painting the yard??? I'll have what she's drinking.


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