Monday, February 25, 2008
I Have a Confession... and a Revelation
I will get to my confession here in a bit, but I first wanted to talk about a revelation that Perry confided to me this weekend.

This past Friday, Perry had another day off of school... a snow day for some unexpected reason. They were given a snow day on Thursday because there was sleet and ice. Friday, not so much.

But anyway, we passed some of our time in the afternoon by walking through the mall. We really didn't need to do any shopping; just needed to get out of the house. And it doesn't hurt that there is a brand new Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory there either. The aroma coming from this small place starts at least 4 stores down. We decided on chocolate-dipped graham crackers, and while we were busy munching, we spy the Easter Bunny contraption throne set up just below us.

"Mom, I don't believe in the Easter Bunny. It's really just someone wearing a costume."

"Yes - you're right. We have not believed in the Easter Bunny for a long time."

And then my mind starts racing. But wait... since we are on the subject, let's talk about Santa Claus.

"Perry - what do you think about Santa Claus?"

"Well mom, when I overheard Dad tell Brian that he bought me and then he said Santa brought me my sports workout ladder, I then went upstairs later to my bedroom to think about it."

"You did? What did you think about?"

"I decided then in my bedroom that there really wasn't a Santa Claus and that you guys bought me all my presents."

"So how come you didn't discuss this with us?" Feeling horribly bad that my son was thinking about this in his bedroom all by himself.

"Well, it was something that I had heard my friends talk about before, so it just finally made sense."

Cut that knife right through my heart.

My son who has believed in the magic of Santa Claus for nine years is growing up.

Don't even get me started talking about our long-time friends who came over Saturday evening with their three adorable girls, and just 15 minutes prior to their arriving he runs up the stairs yelling "I forgot to put on deodorant!"

Oh my - he's not my little baby anymore.

Now for my confession... which is something that I could not even believe myself as I was watching Harrison Ford being interviewed last night before the Oscars...

I have never seen an Indiana Jones movie.

Not one.

I know. Raiders of the Lost Ark. I have not seen it.

Sounds like a family night at the movies this weekend starting with the first one is in order.

A confession and a revelation all in one weekend.

The excitement never ends in the comfort zone.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008
Where has the Week Gone?
This time last week we were getting ready to sit down to our Valentine dinner... a dinner that was shared with all of my family.

Phil was heading home from San Francisco, my parents worked their "enjoying our retirement" job late, and I had to work then race to make it to Perry's valentine party at school. It was a terribly busy day for all of our family, and all I could think was... this family could use some good ol' fashioned comfort food. I made my dad's easy meatloaf, along with macaroni and cheese, corn and buttered rolls. I placed Perry in charge of setting the table, and he amazed me with his creativity.

At least there's a positive to taking him out to dinner frequently!

If you look closely, he even made place cards for each of us. We're fancy like that...

Perry picked these flowers out for his teacher.

We went out to dinner with some friends on Saturday night and left all the kids together at home with babysitters. They played Wii, watched a movie, and the adults got to enjoy an evening out alone, not having to referee arguments or witness toddler meltdowns. What a delightful Saturday evening.

Just like the other 25 million people, we too are watching American Idol.

Our favorites are the the Missourians - Asia'h Epperson from Joplin, and David Cook from our hometown here in Blue Springs.
Go Missouri !!

My brother went on his second trip to India to visit his best friend Amit. We have been able to follow his journey here.

That's just a glimpse of our life here this past week.

See you again here soon!


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Monday, February 11, 2008
Getting to Know You... or Keep Your Head Down in the Elevator
This morning, as I was standing on the elevator that was going down (to get me a hot cup of coffee in the deli), it stopped, opened up, and an older gentleman walked on, took a look at me, grimaced, and then stood in the corner.

Now that was a self-esteem booster if ever I needed one.

And I looked down at myself to see what was the matter - and I see nothin'. Just wearing the regular brown turtleneck with the denim jeans and heels today.

I searched all over for the stain, looked at my hair in the mirror - just the same-o, same-o.

What was that look all about?

Oh well, I got this in my in-box today and because I'm so terribly busy ineffective at work this morning, I decided to take part.

Play along with me if you'd like.... and let me know you did in the comments!

1. What time is it?

2. What's your full name?
Lori Jane

3. What are you most afraid of?
Someone throwing up on an airplane right next to me… or someone throwing up at all right next to me.

4. What was the last movie that you saw in a theater?

5. Place of birth:
Kansas City, MO

6. Favorite food

7. What's your natural hair color?
Don’t know really – saw it nine years ago while I was pregnant and it was getting pretty dark.

8. Ever been to Alaska??

9. Ever been toilet paper rolling?
Oh my yes – many times in high school.

10. Love someone so much it made you cry?
Oh my yes.

11. Been in a car accident?
Yes – more than once.

12. Croutons or bacon bits:

13. Favorite day of the week:

14. Favorite restaurant:

40 Sardines

15. Favorite Flower:

16. Favorite sport to watch:
Pro Football

17. Favorite drink:
Diet Coke

18. Favorite ice cream
Brownie fudge

19. Disney or Warner Brothers:

20. Ever been on a ship?
Yes – one cruise

21. What color is your bedroom carpet?

22. How many times did you fail your driver's test?

23. Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail

24. What do you do when you are bored?
Make chocolate chip cookies; surf the internet

25. Bedtime:
I get in bed at 10pm with a book – fall asleep around 11pm.

28. Who is the person that you are most curious to see their responses?

29. Favorite TV show:
Friday Night Lights

30. Last person you went to dinner with:
Phil and Perry

31. Who do you think will be President?
Who I want and who I think are two different answers.

Who I think will be President… B. Obama.

Who I want to be President… I have no idea…

32. What are your favorite colors?
Any colors of the fall

33. How many tattoos do you have?

34. How many pets do you have?

35. Which came first, the chicken or the egg

36. What do you want to do before you die?
Travel to Italy.

37. Have you ever been to Hawaii

38. Have you been to countries outside the U.S.?
Just the Bahamas… before you had to have a passport to get there.

Hope your Monday morning is looking better... and may you not run into anyone today that makes a sorry-looking face at you.


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Monday, February 04, 2008
Weekend Funny
So this past Saturday night, we had just finished dining on our gourmet meal take-out mexican when we received a phone call from a nice older couple informing us that they were on their way over to our house with another nice younger couple accompanying them.

"Great. I'll put a pot of coffee on and we'll see you in a few minutes."

As I ran upstairs to take my pajamas off brush my teeth, I yelled at Perry to turn off his movie.

"We've got company coming!"

We invited them in, extremely happy for someone to socialize with on a dull Saturday evening. We played and patty-caked with the darling little girl that belongs to the younger couple. Perry invited the older gentleman down to bowl with him on the Wii. The first-time bowler even won the first game. They played several games. We served coffee, played with the little girl some more, and just all around enjoyed the evening.

Soon they were out the door as it was getting past the little girl's bedtime. We hugged them goodbye, talked of seeing them again soon, and then safely closed our front door and locked in for the evening.

As I was turning around to head back to the kitchen, I heard Perry exclaim
"nice people" as he was heading up the stairs.

I laughed until I fell on the floor.

These lovely older people and the darling little girl belonging to the younger people were my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, and my niece Ainsley.

We see them all the time.

I had been wondering when Perry was finally going to give them his
stamp of approval.

You would have thought he was 80 years old wrapping up his thoughts on another day down.

But you're right on Perry - they are
nice people.

Ainsley says thank you!


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