Thursday, February 21, 2008
Where has the Week Gone?
This time last week we were getting ready to sit down to our Valentine dinner... a dinner that was shared with all of my family.

Phil was heading home from San Francisco, my parents worked their "enjoying our retirement" job late, and I had to work then race to make it to Perry's valentine party at school. It was a terribly busy day for all of our family, and all I could think was... this family could use some good ol' fashioned comfort food. I made my dad's easy meatloaf, along with macaroni and cheese, corn and buttered rolls. I placed Perry in charge of setting the table, and he amazed me with his creativity.

At least there's a positive to taking him out to dinner frequently!

If you look closely, he even made place cards for each of us. We're fancy like that...

Perry picked these flowers out for his teacher.

We went out to dinner with some friends on Saturday night and left all the kids together at home with babysitters. They played Wii, watched a movie, and the adults got to enjoy an evening out alone, not having to referee arguments or witness toddler meltdowns. What a delightful Saturday evening.

Just like the other 25 million people, we too are watching American Idol.

Our favorites are the the Missourians - Asia'h Epperson from Joplin, and David Cook from our hometown here in Blue Springs.
Go Missouri !!

My brother went on his second trip to India to visit his best friend Amit. We have been able to follow his journey here.

That's just a glimpse of our life here this past week.

See you again here soon!


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