Wednesday, June 27, 2007
The Gag that Never Goes Away
This morning my son visited the dentist. It was his semi-annual time to clean the teeth.

However, I forgot to tell him before he went to bed last night that we would need to have this taken care of in the morning. When he got up this morning to get dressed, I just happened to casually mention that he had a dentist appointment, and that we needed to hurry a little quicker this morning so we could get out and get there on time.

He looked at me with that lowered left eyebrow, and then replied... "usually you tell me that I need to go to the dentist before... like yesterday... and you didn't tell me yesterday or anything."

Yes, you're right. I did forget to tell you. But let's be a good sport and just go ahead and get it done with.

What I failed to mention to him as we are hurriedly getting dressed is that when they called to remind me of my appointment yesterday, I told them that I needed more of an advance notice, so could they kindly give Perry my 8:30am appointment for today, and schedule me in a couple weeks later?

Yes, that's right. I fed my 8 year old son to the wolves dentist instead of me.

So after we hurriedly get out of the house, we run to Starbuck's for my caffeine ingestion and I let Perry order his favorite crumbleberry coffee cake for breakfast. Nothing goes better with a tall skim milk than a crumbleberry cake, and this is his favorite treat. Besides, I was making him go to the dentist in my place and all.

We arrive at the dentist and they take him immediately back. In the meantime, I have called his grandparents to come and pick him up at the dentist so that I can get to work. I was off yesterday, and very behind. They agreed and when they showed up, I asked if I could go back to see him and kiss him goodbye.

As soon as I got to the room, I could tell that all was not well. He was sitting up with a towel in his hand, tears in his eyes, and a very scared look on his face. The nurses looked up at me and told me that he just threw up as they were starting the sealant on his back teeth. They had just started with the first one and needed to complete that one and three more.

And his gag reflex just gave in and he didn't make it. He has a terrible gag reflux - just like his momma.

Fortunately the hygeniests are used to this kinda thing (so they told me). They even got the bowl in front of him just in the nick of time. And when I showed up, he was just cleaning up, and getting control of his "gagness." I'm afraid that crumbleberry coffee cake didn't feel so good coming out as it did going in.

And here's the most unbelievable thing... he wanted to finish the sealant. He didn't care if he just tossed his cake, he was going to get those teeth sealed, and he was going to do it right then and there. I kept asking him if he wanted to come back another day, but by golly no, he would have nothing of that. He called me from his grandparents after it was completed and he was good as gold.

I don't know about you, but if I had lost my breakfast in the dentist's chair, I'm thinking a sick day, followed by an evening on the couch would have been just divine. As they say... "milk it." But he went to his grandparents and then asked them to take him on to summer camp so he could go swimming this afternoon.

So I didn't win Mother of the Year today... and feeling pretty bad about it here at work this afternoon.

Do you think after his morning ordeal, I should give in and buy him that coveted Nintendo game he wants so bad? I'm kind of a sucker like that.


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Sunday, June 24, 2007
Logan's Excellent Adventure
So about a month or two ago, my cousin Jason and his wife Darla asked if their son Logan could have a sleepover with Perry. They were planning a slumber party for their 8 year old daughter, and wanted to keep Logan out of the way. He would wreak havoc among the girls, so how about we have him wreak havoc share a fun evening with Perry. "Oh sure" I say, knowing that a month or two is a long way away and things always change.

Well, that day showed up yesterday, and we had an overnight visitor in our midst. Logan is 4 years old and idolizes Perry. When we get together for family functions, they get along famously.

This evening is going to be a piece of cake.

Logan arrives around 4pm with a backpack full of clothes and the essentials of life such as a Gameboy and an Nintendo DS Lite. Ahhh - the coveted Nintendo DS Lite. My 8-1/2 year old does not own the coveted Lite. All of his friends own the Lite, and now his 4 year old cousin owns one. Yes, Perry did mention to me one or thirty times that it was "no fair" that Logan owned a DS Lite.

So we wander outside with the boys and watch them play baseball, take turns on the swingset, hide up in the playhouse and shoot bad people.

And that was all in about the first 10 minutes.

Then our next-door neighbors (bless their ever-lovin' hearts) informed us that they were going to turn on their blow-up water slide and let the kids play. Would Perry and Logan like to join in? Did I just hear the angels sing? Oh yes, oh yes, we would love to join in on the fun. Nothing says entertainment like watching a bunch of boys climb up and down a water slide 11 or 67 times and tire themselves out like there's no tomorrow.

And the boys ran and played and had a great time. But as we were tiring Logan out, he came and sat down on the ground beside me and informed us all that his tummy hurt. Real bad.

Oh boy, nothing terrifies me more than a child complaining of stomach issues. Okay, I know... I have issues too, but let's not talk about me here. It's about Logan. And I don't like barfing kids. I know, I know... it's not about me.

"Well, let's sit out for a little while to see if it stops hurting... okay?"

And that's what he did. But then he felt better so the kids ended up playing some baseball for a little while. Until it turned dark and bugs were starting to bite.

Again, nothing says tire the kids out like a good ol' fashioned baseball game in the dark.

So we get Perry and Logan inside to get their pajamas on and wind down. As Logan was putting his pajamas on, he lets out a huge belch.


And then he says with a little gleam in his eye... "Oh, I tink I felt a wittle puke in my froat."

Great. That's exactly what I didn't need to hear. But I just decided that it was just the thing he needed for that tummy ache. A big ol' belch that brings a little puke up has to make him feel better... right?

Besides, I tend to get a wittle bit of puke in my froat every morning I brush my teeth.

After they are ready for bed, Logan gets out his books he brought, and Perry reads to him while they snack on granola bites and milk. By this time, I'm rejoicing that it sure is nice to have another reader in the family.

When it was finally bedtime, Logan gets himself comfortable, but returns outside our door just a few minutes later. The ceiling fan is on and he is getting cold. Okay -no worries - we've got that covered.

Oh - and by the way - "make sure you close the door because I don't want that cat in here because I'm awergic."

Okay - no worries- got that covered too.

Two minutes later - another return. This time there were monsters under Perry's bed where the middle drawer was missing. So we stuffed some blankets in there, and there was no way the monsters were going to make it out now. They were stuffed in there - never to return.

Dreamland? It finally came around 10:30pm. Not too bad considering there was so much to do and look at in Perry's room.

Logan - good buddy -
we hope you had an excellent adventure during your sleepover with Perry.

We know we did!


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Thursday, June 21, 2007
We Coulda' Been Sisters
My good friend and co-worker in crime, Janna and I have been mistaken for sisters. It pretty much started just after she became a mother. She is a young mother - still just at 30 - with two adorable daughters. We go to lunch together just about every day I work and at least once a month, if not more, we are always asked by servers, cashiers, nail technicians... you name it... if we are sisters.

No, we say - we're just co-workers.

But not too long ago the unthinkable happened.

It was mid-afternoon and we were on the elevator going down to the deli to get an apple chocolate chip cookie to nibble on get us through the rest of the day. All of a sudden, another gal jumped on the elevator with us and commented on how much we look alike.

"Yeah - we get that all the time!" we regale with laughter. She's so cute and sweet to say that to us!

And then she said...

Wait for it...

Are you mother and daughter?

And she was serious.

Dead serious.

We laughed and yee-hawed and commented that we were just co-workers in the research department, all nice and silly like we are.

But then she hopped off the elevator onto her floor. The elevator doors shut with nary a sound between us and her.

And I started cussing her out crying.

I really did neither, but it has been a source of turmoil when I do see her wandering the halls. What a poor, pitiful, young thing she is to think that I'm old enough to be a mother of my 30-year old co-worker. I would have had a bun in the oven in junior high if I had a daughter her age. In junior high, sister.

The only thing I was most concerned about in junior high was who I was going to sit next to on the church bus on the way to the roller skating rink.

Again, I ask... Does anyone know where I can buy a t-shirt that states "Don't Talk to Me" that I can wear when I am around people who like to ask personal questions? I'm willing to pay even bigger bucks for it right now. It happens to me all the time!


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Monday, June 18, 2007
Examples of a Father
As Father's Day came to a close, I sit here thinking about the many examples of a father I have in my life.... and how I got to experience them yesterday.

First of all, there is my father. What I most appreciate about my father is that he has been my mother's solid rock for over 44 years. Having gone through the trials that life has handed her... breast cancer, macular degeneration of the eyes and a significant hearing loss, her optimism has never diminished. And my father has stood by her through thick and thin. He never wavers as she plans her day, knowing full well that he will accompany her, driving her anywhere she wants to go, and never once complaining. And I think a great example of my father, is that he puts his wife first, his family second and his interests third. That's my dad.

Secondly, there is my husband. From the very first minute he became a father, he took on his role like he had been doing it for years. Since I ended up having a c-section after not progressing in labor, I was taken to recovery after the surgery. During this time, Phil stayed with Perry and never left his side. From watching them measure and weigh him, bathe and dress him, check all his vitals, he knew from that moment on that this little boy had stolen his heart. Phil wrote his brother a letter a week after Perry was born that the first hour-and-a-half he spent with him right after he was born was the sweetest hour-and-a-half of his entire life. He talked to Perry the entire time he was with him. Whether Perry was crying or cooing, he just kept telling him how much he loved him and how glad he was that he could finally meet him. Perry and Phil have a special bond.

One that a momma will never be able (or want) to separate.

I rode along with them in the golf cart later on Father's Day afternoon. While watching them play golf, I noticed their very special "golf language." Perry listens to him so intently. And Phil leads him by example.
He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.

~Clarence B. Kelland~


And the third example of an extremely hands-on father that I got to experience today is my baby brother - who is now a father to a precious baby girl. As I watched these 2 youngsters get hitched 5 years ago in Vegas, I would have never imagined that their life would ever include being parents. Oh, I always knew they would someday settle down eventually. But the love that they have for Ainsley is amazing. And they are indeed wonderful parents... and Brad is showing himself to be a great father.

I thank my heavenly Father today for the examples of a father that He has given to me in my life.

These are men of integrity that will help lead my son to be a man of integrity.

Proverbs 23:24
The father of a righteous man has great joy;
he who has a wise son delights in him.


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Sunday, June 17, 2007
Happy Father's Day
Anyone can be a father.

It takes someone special to be a dad.

~author unknown~


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Thursday, June 14, 2007
Karen's Unbelievable Dessert
Since Father's Day is this weekend, I have decided to post a recipe that is THE recipe to my husband's heart. He just loves this yummy dessert.

A little background on this dessert...

My good friend Karen, whom I have known for 15+ years, used to make this dessert all the time... especially when Phil and I started dating. Karen would always pull off the best bbq's, complete with all her yummy recipes - including this one. She knew the way to men's hearts were through their stomachs. She was always such an incredible cook and hostess back when our singles group was in full swing. I remember when Phil asked me out for a first date I seriously wondered why he asked me when all I would bring to the bbq were baked beans that I picked up at the grocery store deli, while Karen pulled out the big guns with her cooking.

It has been years since we had this dessert so I decided to try it again for my family's Memorial Day get-together. It was a hit. If you're having a large family gathering, make this... you'll be glad you did!

Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Dessert

30 Oreo Cookies
1/3 cup butter, melted
1/2 gallon Coffee Ice Cream (or any flavor), softened
(I love Mocha Almond Fudge)
1 large jar Hot Fudge Topping
1 Carton (16 oz.) Cool Whip

Crush cookies; do not remove cream. Reserve another 4 crushed cookies for the top. Mix rest with butter. Pat in 9x13" pan. Cover and freeze for 20 minutes. Spread ice cream on top. Cover and freeze 20 minutes. Spread fudge topping over ice cream. Cover and freeze 20 minutes. Spread cool whip on top; sprinkle with reserved cookie crumbs. Cover. Freeze overnight. Cut into small squares to serve.

This is a RICH dessert and so chocolatey and cold for a wonderful summer day!


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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Daring, Adventurous and Adorable
A blog that I love to visit is Everyday Mommy. She is the momma of an only child (a son she warmly refers to as LoveBug). I love to visit her blog because she is also a "local."

She is hosting a contest for the newly released book The Dangerous Book for Boys. She states that I need to write a post on my blog about the most daring, adventurous or just plain adorable thing your son has done.

If Everyday Mommy says this is the book to read if you have boys, then I'm thinking I will definitely want to read it.

What I think makes Perry such an amazing boy is that he wakes up every single day with a purpose.

Whether it be going to golf camp, preparing for a baseball game, making new friends at summer camp on the days his mom has to work, or just hanging out with his mom and dad as the day draws to a close, he lives each day to its fullest.

I think his every day life makes him the most daring, adventurous and adorable eight year old boy that I know.


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Monday, June 11, 2007
You Can't Win Them All
We began our weekend here with a houseguest... my brother-in-law, Paul. He is always a welcomed houseguest. He's not even really a guest... he's family. We always enjoy having him visit us - we so wished he lived closer.

Phil's brother Paul is just finishing up his career in the Army. We are unbelievably proud of him and the service he has contributed to our country. He joined the army as an 18 year old, and is now 35 and done. Imagine being 35 and knowing that what you do for the rest of your life will now just be the icing on the cake. Of course, I know he doesn't see the army as cake, but he is now going to start working on the base in a civilian capacity, mainly doing what he knows and loves, and he can now enjoy the freedoms that we enjoy as just being a working American. He will join The National Guard for the next 2 years to finish out his full 20 years in the military. He served in Iraq during the first gulf war, spent time in Bosnia, and then returned to Iraq twice in the past 4 years.

Did I mention how proud we are of him?

He joined us this weekend so he could watch Perry play baseball. There was another tournament planned this weekend, and he was going to take in all the baseball he could fit in. He arrived here on Thursday morning and played 9 holes with Phil. He also headed off to baseball practice with Perry, shagging balls and playing catch with the team for Thursday and Friday afternoon's practices.

We started off the morning on Saturday getting whipped - literally. I think the score was 16 to 1. The second game went a little better... we even tied them up. But we lost that one 8 - 6. But not ones to let the losses get us down, I had the coach and his wife over for dinner, along with his parents who were visiting and Clark and Kathleen with their boys. We enjoyed a beautiful evening out on the deck, eating some barbeque'd pork tenderloin and bleu cheese potatoes, all the while listening to Paul and Coach Brian's father talking about their military experiences. Brian's dad served at Fort Hood during Vietnam, while Paul began his army life at Fort Hood. Celebrating and enjoying the beginning of the summer and the freedoms we delight in, even though we lost the tournament.

We didn't get to play another game on Sunday - we got rained out this morning, starting with lightning, thunder and a bedguest at 5:15am. The tournament is now cancelled, and we lost. That's okay - you can't win them all!

Of course I couldn't let a weekend tournament slip by without the obligatory picture...
Look how wide his stance is getting, and how he is leaning back. His hits are getting better.

Just hoping golf camp starting this Tuesday won't mess up his batting swing!

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Forget the Apple Pie or Chevrolet, It's Only Baseball Here!

Coach Ike (my son's baseball coach) is all baseball, all the time.

This is what I saw yesterday afternoon as I was looking out my kitchen window.

Yes, that's right... he's measuring out the bases and his wife is spray-painting a baseball diamond.

Right in his own back yard.

We do have a tournament this weekend so I'm guessing we all need to "be ready."

Then this is what happened tonight when I asked Phil to take Perry to get his haircut tonight.

Remember in this post, his hair looked soooo good.

I asked Phil (when Perry wasn't around) what he was thinking? He looks like my brother-in-law right before he reported to duty.

And he replies... "this is a great haircut for baseball season. He won't be all sweaty when he's wearing his catcher's helmet." (Um yeah, his head may not be sweaty, but he still wears a uniform and the catcher's gear.)

He's totally drinking the kool-aid here in the cul-de-sac...

All baseball, all the time.


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Monday, June 04, 2007
Thank You, Smank You... I Want More!
Remember in my last post where I talked about Perry writing a beautiful, handwritten note to his teacher that said...

"Mrs. Kennedy, you are the best teacher because we did math races on the chalkboard and they were so much fun. I also had fun having breakfast together. I know I'm going to be a 3rd grader, but I will always remember my 2nd grade year with you. "

So, today I walked out to get the mail and there was a small envelope tucked inside the bills and magazines, and I got very excited. I heart handwritten notes of all kinds so I always tear it open with anticipation to see who wrote to me, and what beautiful sentiments they had to say.

Imagine my surprise when I read this...

This is from a recent college graduate, folks. With a degree in business. From a large university here in Missouri.

That's all I get? Thank you for the card and gift?

And the weird thing was that we didn't even get him a gift. We gave him money. Not a lot of cash, but enough to buy about seven or eight latte's from my favorite obsession, or a couple of cases of beer for all the graduation parties he was most likely attending.

I know I'm mounting my high horse here, but please... I want more! Did you receive so many gifts and wads of money that you just couldn't keep them all straight so you sat down quickly to take care of the obligatory thank you notes so your parents didn't nag you anymore to get them done?

Did you forget you weren't texting or IM'ng, but writing an actual note?

And you just have to think his grandparents were waiting at the mailbox every day for their thank you note. I hope they received more heartfelt sentiments than we did.

Is the art of writing a descriptive, handwritten thank you note dead?

Okay, I'm getting off my soapbox now, but I would still be interested in reading what you all have to say about this lost art. Leave me a comment and let me know if you think I'm being too hard on this young man, or do you think perhaps I should cut him some slack.


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Friday, June 01, 2007
Last Day of School!
Today is Perry's last day of 2nd grade. It seems like just yesterday he started kindergarten. I know that sounds so cliché, but it's true.

Today he made a card for his teacher, Mrs. Kennedy. I'd like to quote what he wrote to her...

"Mrs. Kennedy, you are the best teacher because we did math races on the chalkboard and they were so much fun. I also had fun having breakfast together. I know I'm going to be a 3rd grader, but I will always remember my 2nd grade year with you. "

It just fascinates me how he has learned to put his thoughts into words and then write them down. Thanks to a wonderful and caring teacher, he has learned an incredible amount of knowledge this year. I'm amazed daily by his "smartness."

He definitely takes after me his father.

I know that minute he walks out of his school today he will say "well, I'm a third grader."

And there will be the biggest grin on his face.

And tears in my eyes.

He's just growing up way too fast.

Happy Summer Perry!


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